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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 9, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. my job, entertain, education, coach. call me, 1-800-743-cnbc.
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after days upon days of miserable declines and dreary action that makes us sad, we finally caught a break today with the dow jumping 150 points and the s&p gaining 1.3%. at last reversing sell-offs that had little to do with the fortunes of the actual businesses that stocks are allegedly connected to, and much more to do with the vicissitudes of foreign countries and the way that hedge funds trade them. how did it happen? what made the market go higher? what can we learn from this rally, figure out how we can catch the next one? >> i searched my brain. i think we have to pose the question once asked by that stock prognosticator, christine aguilera and ask what
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does the market want? what does the market need? at least i think that's how she sang it. number one, this is the first rally you could have predicted by looking at travel schedule on a plane manifest. right now the stock market is deeply tied to the european markets because there are a bunch of countries on the verge of filing sovereign bankruptcy. it's like their maxed out on their credit cards. gigantic hedge funds sell anything and short everything, including our markets. even if you think, indeed, it is all greek to you. has the crisis deepened? a guy by the name of jean-claude berget, a guy who's equivalent of ben bernanke he hurried back. the moment he booked that ticket the hedge funds figured he was going to solve the crisis and that's when they started rallying. y yun -- can you believe it? you just need to find out who
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his travel agent is and book your trade accordingly. if we knew he's on the case, we're less concerned about a collapse in europe and we recognize that he isn't about to cut off the stimulus that's so crucial to getting europe which has the worst economies in the world going in the right direction. if the stock market stimulus thing is still with us, then we're not going to slink back into a worldwide slowdown. trichet's travel interruption was so powerful it was able to do something i have not seen happen since the year began, maybe even earlier, and that is the stock market did not go down when the baron chief president obama spoke on tv. way to go, trichet. now, i know about zorba the greek than greek bonds. i get the gist of trichet's move -- memo to trichet on his travel plans, make sure they're never
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on a sunday because the markets aren't open. we love it when the currency is weak. that makes it seem completely backwards. don't we want a strong dollar to show we'ring down well, that we're hemen? >> not really. the companies do bet were a weak dollar, the earnings are improved. we do have a bunch of nationals that are more competitive overseas because they sell their wears and strong currencies and repatriate the low dollar. but frankly it is pretty insignificant. coca-cola, for example, reported a terrific report today. remember, the stock went up $1.36 even though the dollar has been strong. it didn't matter. it moved more because of the powerful growth in china. doesn't matter though. remember, i have said over and over again since 2010 began, this has become an irrational thin market.
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it likes what it shouldn't and we can't allow the capriciousness to get to us. it likes them ugly, puts wings on venus demilo. we have to gain the totally arbitrary nature. third, we know the market wants oil to rally as it did today, up $1.99. you need to forget the fact that if oil goes from the low 70s we're now to the low 80s where the markets seem to want it that that would be terrible for the economy. terrible. especially because it would produce $3 gasoline. crimping the consumer, which by the way happens to be two-thirds of the economy. the investor whose buy on days like today regard oil going higher as a positive sign, a sign that the economy is getting better, not worse. these buyers believe that oil couldn't be going higher if things were all that bad. you think rationally. who's going to spend as much if gasoline's at $3.50?
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the hedge funds don't think any further than the next minute. so they are down with higher prices. to show you how the day before i turned 65, i am cooler than ever, they're down with it. that's why the stitch -- i mean the snitch, snookey, vinnie and i are taking a place in ocean grove together down the shore just to hash out current trends for a couple of cold ones at karma. which reminds me i'm thinking of telling ben bernanke he ought to add the cost of a gym, a tan, an doing laundry into the consumer price index, get a better reading. finally copper went higher today. view something to focus on now. you have to focus on copper. who cares. i don't even take the pennies any more. you've got to care if you want to cash in on these rallies because copper is a signal that china is still expanding. china is to be all and end all.
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all right, the bottom line, what does a market want? what does a market need? travel schedule's essential, bankers coming to the rescue of greeks. dollars that unbelievably go lower. copper prices that go higher. also tangential to how companies are really doing. also attenuated. and that's what drove this rally. the stocks, our stocks, our american stocks, as usual, they're just along for the ride. how about mike in pennsylvania. mike? >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for your market insight. >> my pleasure, man. what's shaking? >> caller: i was thinking clean energy. given washington's lack of support for natural gas and the fact that clean energy has recently received contract from the dallas-ft. worth airport and the chicago taxi service. does clean energy need washington support or will they
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survive without it? >> this is a great question. i was watching the president, every word, trying to parse his word in that press conference. he did mention that he liked clean coal. he mentioned that he liked nuke. he mentioned several times he like ed solar. he mentioned geothermal and then he threw in oil and gas but he said he was worried about drilling consequences. i keep reading clne -- president is not on team. boon pickens is going to be dead wrong. it's a pipe dream. even though as i think he's a good ceo and boone pickens is right. it may not matter. >> caller: i'd like to give you "i haven't slept in two days new orleans saints super bowl champion, boo-ya. >> that sounds good. i will give you a fleur-de-lis boo-ya. >> caller: last you
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recommended then you gave a cautious outlook without addressing nyx. didn't do a swap. the nyx for its dividend. now yielding a 5% dividend and having reported what i think was a good quarter where do you stand on this? >> you're right. i checked in with the excellent ceo of nyx whose turned the place around. i thought the offshore growth was extraordinarily good. however some ratings agencies had cautions. the dividend is big. i think tommy joyce comes back. i didn't think the last quarter was all that bad. because of that yield, that dividend, i'm with nyx. let's go back to pennsylvania. let's go to steve in pennsylvania. steve, long time, love time. >> let's keep washington, d.c., closed forever. boo-yeah. >> thinking that the snow has really brought us a true blessing which is -- although ben bernanke didn't speak. i think ben bernanke has got it down.
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he saw a rally going, so why should i speak, so he took the day off, which is very smart. what's up? >> caller: what's up? i want to see obama in front of the fireplace indefinitely at the white house and i also want to ask you a question. >> sure. >> caller: turning away from tech stocks to diversify my portfolio would you suggest putting money to work in multinational stocks with the strengthening u.s. dollar and what appears to be overseas weakness in the euro's own currencies? >> we get a mcdonald's down on a month in domestic even though that's huge foreign. we're abuyer. if we get coca-cola down, we're one out. we're a huge buyer. we're buying companies with strong managements and franchises that give us good yield. we're not going to let these hedge funds dictate what they're going to be. because they're going to be as wrong as they were in 2008. not on my watch. good companies, good dividends,
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good balance sheets, good management. we're not going to let the hedge funds dictate. travel schedules rescuing greece. dollars that's go lower, good gyros, mad money coming up. would you like a pony ?
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this is a consummate trader's market where stock prices have become completely
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unhinged or the long-term prospects of the underlying companies going forward. stocks swing up and down widely under the influence of larger forces that have hardly anything to do with the fundamentals. the environmental right now might as well have been designed for people who want to play short term moves, not home gamer whose are trying correctly to think long term. so in the land of the traders, what's an investor, someone with a longer time horizon who picks stocks based on the facts. about their businesses to do? what are you to do? what are you to do? take the oil service stocks as represented by the oil service holders, etf. this is called the oih. it's exhibit a of this dilemma. it's one of the most widely traded. here's a group that has been
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battered mercilessly since the beginning of the year, sold and bought aggressively, whipped and crushed, courtesy of falling oil prices, even though the oil service companies are not that dependent on euro term gyrations as anyone would be able to know. what matters to these oil service companies is how much they spend on drilling and gets at resources in much harder to reach locations and that business is good. but try telling that to the stocks. which have been stinking up the joint until today which is why we're focusing on the key indices. maybe it's time to take action. you know i like to sell straight. i think traders control the price of the ctf and while we can't get inside their heads we can use tactile analysis. to approximate the moves they're likely to make. tonight as we do every tuesday we're going "off the charts" to explain why the technicians believe the oih even after today's rally will get a whole lot worse before it gets better, and we need to know what you should do about it.
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according to l.a. little, a terrific technician and my colleague at the where i'm chairman, he also has his own little website, the sellers, the sellers have taken control of the oih, the etf oil service, and they will keep driving tin dex of oil surface stocks lower most likely until it falls to 103. got your attention? that's a $15 decline from where it is right now. i want you to take look at the oih daily chart. this is chart of the -- remember, this is the etf. this is a daily representation of its trading. back on january 29, the oih fell below what's called the swing point on december 30th. where the etf last turned from a down trend to an up trend. and it did so on higher volume. remember, volume is like a polygraph.
11:19 pm
it's this time for real. and because the oih is formed through the december 30th swing point, the next swing point, which is at $110.43 becomes the new target for the chart. so you can see now that we've fallen through this to here, he's saying we're going right here. now i don't know if you want to be in that move. that's a big, big decline. consider the swing points like pivots, okay, where you break through a previous one. you're going down, down, down. now, little thinks that the oih is going even lower because of the pivot. let me clean this out.
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take a look at the rendition of the daily chart. this is little's projection of how the move can go down. i find this chart -- this chart is really scary. this is like a hurt locker chart. look at this. he thinks the current moved down from c to d near as the last price decline from a to b. he extrapolates that could take the oih to 107. remember, we're up to here. he thinks we can go down to here. to make matters worse, he sees it that they're heavily shorting the oih as it declines on greater and greater volumes. see the greater and greater volume? now, i don't think that today's positive action necessarily averts to that. if anything i think they covered their shorts today and are going to start all over again tomorrow. this attracts short sellers kind of like bottle flies to corpses. where does the decline end? let's go to the weekly chart. that gives us our best look at it. little thinks the oih is headed
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back to 103. that would be the bottom of the very long trading range. in other words, he's looking now, if you step back, that's the weekly. he notices that this thing has been pretty much hanging in this trading range and it got a little extended here and it's going to go back to the trading range. now, this is, by the way, a pretty awful chart, but little would change his mind, get this, another technical kind of thinking and become positive if the oih were to trade down 103 without falling through it and do sew on lower volume. now, if it falls below 103, little thinks it's going lower. giets tot make the last stand here. if it makes the last stand here and bounce, he likes it. if he makes stand and goes through it, he doesn't, okay? if he goes through that he thinks it goes to 85. now, of course, that would probably be in conjunction with break down in oil. do i think it's going to go to 87? i don't think like this.
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i just don't think like this at all. look, i know the sellers are driving down the oih and you probably need to get out of their way since the charts are negative and there's a hoard of traders who follow exactly what we're looking to here. most people cannot take the pain of this kind of decline. in other words we start going back to here, most people cannot take that kind of gain. so i think they fulfill the chartist's predictions and blow out as the oih goes down. according to this thinking you should use today's rally to sell it in the strength. you know what? even if you like the oih, even if its charts don't scare the pants off of you and onto the ground, i still think it's nuts to own the thing, but i like to use weakness to buy stocks, which is the way that i as a fundamentalist think, since unlike chartists and i'm not being facetious, i like to sell stocks when they're low and hopefully sell them when they're high.
11:23 pm
these charts are giving me a chance to buy when i'm low. i think it's a kinnard. i think i can buy the best in the etf which happens to be schlumberger. that is 11.88% of the index. lots of national oil companies have to drill, and they are some of schlumberger's best clients. they're doing much better, particularly if we can get the election over and it would benefit of the possibility of the benefit of u.s. natural gas but i wouldn't buy them right now because they just jumped $1.64 today and because i don't chase stocks. this stock is going to get driven down with the others and the oihs. the index gets hammered by short sellers. if it gets to 103, wow, wait till the oih is near that level before you pull the trigger on my favorite.
11:24 pm
that way you can take advantage of the short-term pain to get a better long-term entry point with fabulous stock with a multiyear story, not daily but year powered by energy shortages and the need for most national oil companies worldwide to put people to work and get a paycheck. get a payback too. here's the bottom line. you could try to trade the oih. you could sell it up here and buy it lower like little recommends. that's good. that's logical. but as investors we'd rather use the weakness in the oil service group to buy the best name in the sector at a discounted price. i want you at home to let the pain and panic of the traders create a great investing opportunity for all of you home gamers. use the fear of chart readers to
11:25 pm
create the value in price that you need to buy schlumberger at your price. if it doesn't come in, little is wrong, we'll just take a pass, we'll catch it some other time. it's not running away any time soon, not in this tough market. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, is one etf ready to run or has it run out of steam? cramer turns to the technicals to find out on an all new "off the charts." and later, ride the lightning. take a non-stop through ride as cramer goes stock after stock. all your calls taken rapidfire on the "lightning round" all coming up on "mad money."
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every day this week we are celebrating the power and the glory of dividends and the companies that increase them. just yesterday, hasbro. reported a blowout quarter. you could have seen that upside coming. you could have gained that because hasbro telegraphed that its business was getting better when it raised its dividend by a whopping 25%.
11:29 pm
what are we going to do? we're on the hunt. we we've to find the next hasbro because this, believe me, is no isolated incident. so far 75 american companies have raised their dividends. 27 have raised their dividends by a staggering 10% or many. now, i've combed those named to find the crem de la cramer. the best of the companies who have boosted their dividends. and today i've got -- an energy stock that could be the second cousin of hasbro or even its stepson. more closer related than i am to my great, great, great uncle vladlenin.
11:30 pm
i'm talking about core labs, clb, a little oil service company you probably have never heard of but you're going to know about by tend of tonight. now this stock dances to the tune of oil futures, not my bongo drumming. 55-gallon drum. anyway, so even if the company hits it out of the park like hasbro, it's not popped the same way if the oil futures are nosedived that morning. still, cores big dividend hike makes me very bullisha^ bout the company's longer term progress. it has miniscule yield. we're looking for companies that are signaling strength by boosting their dividends above and beyond the pale as well as most other stocks. last month core gave its base dividend a 20% hike from 10 cents to 12 cents a quarter.
11:31 pm
that's virtually a sign, a neon sign, which essentially says, i'm core labs, i'm better, i'm core labs, i'm better. we're not crazy about core because of the size of its diffident. we're lady gaga over it. we're lady gaga because the dividend raise isn't playing with a poker face. about its poker business. it's playing with an open hand and a disco stick. what does it do? core labs help oil companies assess the size of pockets of as well as help them manage those pockets that help them boost production. now, this is really important the company gets 80% of sales from international business. it's roughly 80% weighted towards crude oil related work. it's tied to international business. its largest business is reservoir description.
11:32 pm
you'll get this. it's where core lab analyzes the rock, the oil, the gas, and the water in an oil and gas reservoir in order to assist them in calculating how much is in, calculating the reserves, determining the best way to recover them and they do it everywhere from west africa to brazil and the middle east and asia-pacific including in deep water regions. consider core a text stock that works in the oil patch. then core labs has another business called production enhancement division which is a play on drilling activity because it's more concentrated in north america. companies in the shale plays, including the unconventional ones like barnett, hainesville and the marcellus, and, yes, i want you to know this. like today these stocks were flying today and that gets drilled in these regions the more potential business the company has, core labs has a history of paying out special dividends. i first found this from ibd. special dividends.
11:33 pm
85 cent per share dividend. 63.75% special dividend in 2009. when you factor them in the equation, core labs yields over 1% in 2008, 2009. i know. still not that big. but these are terrific payouts for a high growth company like core, plus core has the capacity to regularly raise its dividend either further or pay out more special dividends. think about this. the company is expected to earn more this year, $6.43 a share. this year, $7.92 in 2011. also great balance sheet which isn't gigantic but it's still enough to pay its regular annual dividend a dozen times over. i tend not to like to talk positive because in a bad day, the stock can be down 20 bucks, in a bad week. so let's be careful here. i say that as a caveat because i think we could hear good things
11:34 pm
from core when it reports on thursday, but it would be the dumbest thing to chase the stock ahead of the quarter. i'm trying to position it so you listen on thursday. you won't see any of that upside if you already bid up its share price because you heard cramer playing the bongos. the bottom line, a company that can raise its dividend by 20% is telling you it's real good. as the beatles told us, things are getting better, getting better all the time at core. geri in california. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i purchased a dividend yield which is about 6.5%. >> ooh, okay. one of the stocks, verizon, has paid dividends since at least 1984 with raises and never decreases. >> right.
11:35 pm
>> caller: i learned verizon's income yield last year was less than the dividend yield and they took money from the reserves to pay the dividend. could this dividend get cut and what is the future outlook for verizon? >> this is important, geri, because you're a shareholder. i want you to go over -- i know it's going to be drag. i want you go over the conference call. because i read it very closely, and the terrific ceo, he talks about the cash flow and how much its grown and that dividend's paid from the cash flow. you will feel so much better about that dividend after you read the conference call, which is why so often i say it's integral to the picking of stocks. ivan's very confident on the call and therefore i'm confident that the dividend is not only big, but it's getting bigger. that's not the yield getting bigger the that happens when the stock goes down. the dividend, payout can grow. s eric in illinois. eric. >> caller: yeah. booyah to you, jim. >> booyah, eric. >> caller: northern illinois
11:36 pm
suburbs here. i'm a first-time investor looking to start my own portfolio. i opened my online account. doing a lit bit of research. >> everything you have done is what i'm praying people to do. >> caller: i found this future jet alliance which is in response to the clean coal initiative, specifically two of the partners are alpha natural resources, anr and cater pitter, -- caterpillar, cat. what is your position on the stocks? >> they had a monster. that is a terrific, terrific company. i once recommended it as part of an off the charts night. it immediately went down. now you know i'm not a big fan of coal. which brings me to cat. caterpillar was upgraded by morgan stanley. at one point they were yielding almost 3.5%. i was salivating. jumped up to 6.5. on a short squeeze. then plummeted to 50.
11:37 pm
that was the level. here's my advice to you, chief. at $50 where it goes right back down because the recommendation doesn't last anymore, at $50 you pull the trigger. cat. i think this quarter is not that good. i think the third quarter will be good. not because of the initiative you mentioned but because of worldwide economic growth. i'd look to go to tom in wisconsin. >> caller: hey. >> i like that spirit you're showing me. how can i help. >> caller: number one, you're my hero and number two, you talked. should i hold on to it? where is natural gas going to do or what do you thing? >> is this the canadian one or the american one? i'm trying to remember. yeah, see it's a canadian one. you know i didn't recommend the canadian ones. i don't like the taxation. i know the yield 18, but i don't want to say i don't trust it because then people may think jim is saying something bad about provident energy.
11:38 pm
i don't trust the taxation scheme up in canada. here you got it. my next dividend play is core lots, clb from cramer's dividend booster's club. i think cob like the beatles is getting better all the time. stay with cramer. and later ride the lightning. take a nonstop thrill ride as cramer goes stock after stock.
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it is time. it is time for the lightning round. how about rapidfire. you say the name of the stock and i tell you whether to buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. when i play this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready?
11:42 pm
ski daddy, it is time for the lightning round. i'm going to start with david in kentucky. david. >> caller: hi, jim. a big booyah from independence, kentucky. how are you? s >> man, i'll tell you i've been there, believe it or not. i'm booyah over the whole darn state. >> caller: hay. i'm calling about acr. >> this is an interesting company. i am a huge believer that people who like to speculate should be involved in companies trying to solve spinal injuries or ms. they're horrible illnesses and it's the holy grail if you can solve it and it really is important. i'm willing to speculate with acorda. remember, they're not making money but they do have revenues. how about we go to frank in connecticut. >> caller: booyah, jim. how are you? >> i'm doing good. >> caller: i've got a company for you, nak. >> this is different. i just mentioned i was willing to speculate with acorda.
11:43 pm
why? because they're doing some remarkable thinks in medicine about spinal injuries. this on the other hand is the speculation of a vancouver company about precious metals. no thank you. i do not speculate in canadian mining companies. we got burned too many times. no way, no how. ted in minnesota. ted. >> caller: booyah. >> that's better than booyah. i thought those went out of style. how can i help. >> caller: i want to thank you for making me money this year. i'm a teacher and i have my students watching your show every day. >> i love that. thank you, thank you. >> caller: my question do you think rmbs has room to go higher after settling a $900 billion -- >> yes, i do. i thought that decision was breakthrough. i'm going to give you a two-some because you said those nice things. i want people in there. that's my gift. let's go to scott in tennessee.
11:44 pm
scott. >> caller: hello, mr. cramer. >> you got me, scott. what's going on. >> caller: not much. my name is scott from dandridge, tennessee. second oldest town. booyah to you. that's the buy, buy, buy, $10 stock. seems to be stuck here. i think it breaks out to 15. i am ignoring the buzzer. i need to go to chris in minnesota. chris. >> caller: booyah, jim. >> i love it when the family watches this show. it's just to me as good as it gets. it's why i do it. go ahead. >> caller: big supporter. one word, dole. do i cut and run or grin and bear it.
11:45 pm
i said this and i was wrong. sell, sell, sell. i've done a mea culpa on this. i got faked out by the bankers. i will not get faked out again. that one is a train wreck. let's take one more. let's go to kim in new york. kim. >> caller: hi, jim. it's a cramer groupie booyah. >> holy cow. now i'm in heaven or that part of new york. what's up? >> caller: we're from -- farming dale and huntington. >> oh, man, the island. i love the island. my executive producer is from the island and if she were dressed appropriately i'd put her on camera. just a sec. she's got a gray suit on. she's got the mandy look. is that like mandy or ross store, dress for less. go ahead. dress for less, i'm more appreciative. ago head, kim. >> caller: jim, we've been trading with you for two years.
11:46 pm
you've gotten us through rough, times and really, really happy times, my two friends and i. >> you're staying in the game. you're getting back to even. i love it. go ahead. >> caller: vmi, we bought it right before it reported its earnings and it was the wrong time to buy. >> you know what? if this is a kind of a -- it like a pass tesh -- pastiche of companies, it does coatings and poles. it's very infrastructure coordinated. dan damiko, being the excellent ceo who, by the way, hails from westchester of all places, then i think that, yeah, i think they'll come back. i want you to buy some more. i like the stock. you're doing it right. the whole island's got our back and i say stay with cramer. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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we're always on the hunt for genuine secular growth trends. themes that operate independently of the economy and can propel stocks higher regardless of whether we're in a recovery or a recession because no one seems to know anymore. now, despite the economic recovery we keep hearing about, we are seeing a massive sea change, a huge investable twist. we think the habits of americans have shifted during the great recession and that inherent value in the form of private label, knock-off food and drugs, okay, and soft goods has finally won out over all that expensive branded heavily advertised merchandise. that's what came to mind this
11:51 pm
weekend when i saw that walmart wants to expand its private label, plastic bags, and take share from national brands like glad or hefty and ziploc. it's what i thought about when cvs emphasized its call yesterday it's what i keep hearing from the supermarkets and their conference calls and it's not stopping even though the economy has gotten better year over year. see in the past knock-offs would thrive during recession but then people would stop buying them and switch back to the more expensive national brand names as the economy rebounded. as it clearly is doing now. but this reversion to the expensive pattern, so evident after every sing really session i have traded in, and i've been trading for 30 years, is simply not happening this time, not at all. it's still headed this way. this is remarkable. this is what i call the end of the shopping cart fear factor. until this recession you always felt poor if you purchased the store brands. you were afraid to buy the
11:52 pm
product unless people made judgments about how you are doing financially. the more unbranded product the more you couldn't keep up with the joneses, dow or otherwise. this was a red badge of poverty the this recession with attending growth in unemployment made value purchasing whether eating, drinking, washing or taking a drug a necessity for so many more than usual. what we are discovering now that the economy is slowly getting better is that the stigma of buying from this table, the stigma has been lost. in fact almost chic, like you were no longer falling prey to the brands. now you are in on the scam. we know now that the public has no inhibition as but buying value. and that the branded versions seem to have lost their cache or signs of more. the kirkland brand, the best on earth, i have never seen a
11:53 pm
single advertisement. private label trades have gone from when the economy stinks to secular growth stocks regardless of the, of the consumer. and the reluctance to revert to the ex-pen si the expensive product. it's the popov factor. we like popov, or smirnoff or ciroc. despite popov's plastic motor oil style bottle. kind of, right? the cheesy label compared to say the one that has van gogh etched in glass. we aren't going back to the ex-pensive brand any more. neither is any one else judging by the sales spike in these brands. speaking, the trade down is why we don't like the company stock going into its quarter thursday. people realize that johnny walker blue, okay, is wildly
11:54 pm
overpriced and isn't better than johnny walker gold or johnny walker green or johnny walker black. though i do draw the line with john gee walker red. which can sub for lighter fluid. as much as we like, now i am telling the truth, as much as we love crame favorite admonition in ticktock we no longer brush our teeth wit a bot of jack. it's way too expensive when jim beam will do and even yes, colgat echt, a reason to sell the overpriced stock. i would rather own treehouse foods. private label maker made money on here of soup, salad, dressings, pickles, sauces and baby food. treehouse reports the same day. you think the babies other than the ones in the e-trade ad know the difference. no way. the reason why, the private label cereal company which reported great number last week as did american italian pasta.
11:55 pm
a private label play did really well. why kellogg's disappointed. it's why premiere knock-off which makes private label over the counter products that look so much like the real deal, and get you the exact same performance, delivered better than expected quarter a week ago. like i know the difference between monestat and this one. boxes look the same to me. bottom line, yep for the first time ever, the knock-offs aren't retreating, as things get better. name brands are out. knock-offs are in. permanently. and you should invest i would go so far to say that people are tired of being fooled by the expensive brand. they're no better than the cheap unbranded one. to quote pete townsend and the band from sunday night. "we won't be fooled again?" ♪ i'm talking about
11:56 pm
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pay attention to dividend boosters, 3 m, 3% after the close. how much do we look the stock. i like to say there is always a bull market some where. i prom tice find it for you on "mad money." and i am jim cramer. i will see you tomorrow. this is it, the swimsuit supermodels, the exotic locations, the only network. business model inside the
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